No more ‘either or’.

stanoc iCalendar combines private and public appointments in a standardised iCalendar format. This gives you an overview of all appointments – quickly and clearly, no matter whether the data originates from customers, airlines, buses and trains or from your private sphere. With stanoc iCalendar all appointments are reliably and securely organised in one calendar. The software corresponds with all applications currently on the market and mobile devices with calendar functions – such as IBM Connections, Apple iCal, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook and Facebook. All data is imported and provided in RFC5546 standardised iCalendar format as an ics file. The integration of the data is protected via a secure link, so no external access is possible. stanoc iCalendar can also be used as a group calendar. Data released by individual users is listed or merged accordingly in the group calendar.

The advantage for your appointments:

  • All appointment data clearly bundled
  • No duplication or loss of data
  • Real-time display
  • Can also be used as a group calendar
  • Highest security standards