Perfect document organisation.

stanoc Documents is an efficient document management system for all electronic and paper documents.

Create, proofread, amend and release text drafts – documents usually go through many stages before completion and pass through a corresponding number of hands. With stanoc Documents you can control this process more effectively and improve the workflow significantly. As the author of a document you can easily define the further processing steps, distribution lists and deadlines electronically.

Even paper documents can be easily inserted into the document management system. For this purpose, the documents are provided with the “Printed Document ID=PID” barcode. Printed or pasted on, the PID enables unique assignment. Digital or marked with a PID – within stanoc Documents you can create as many categories and document types as you like, making it even easier to quickly find delivery notes or incoming invoices, for example. The full-text search integrated in IBM Notes even allows you to search through file attachments.