The database with a system.

With the individual stanoc Nice2Know database software you can consolidate all your information on a company-specific interface. This is the easy way to create a knowledge management system. The user-friendly structure of the database adapts to your company size and data volume, simplifying the collection of relevant data and making it accessible to others. The result is the greatest possible overview and reduces time-consuming searches. At the same time redundancies and version problems are eliminated. This not only saves time, but also costs.

With stanoc Nice2Know you can quickly find information again using the clearly structured views or the search function integrated in IBM Notes. The retrievability of data is guaranteed in the long run, and the database can be easily adapted to new requirements. Even if an employee leaves the company, all the relevant information is retained. The data is accessible to all users at the same time, no consultation is necessary. This increases productivity and facilitates teamwork. You can see at any time what information is available within the company.

All the benefits at a glance:

  • One central interface
  • All information clearly structured
  • No data overlaps
  • No time-consuming searches, no data loss
  • Scalable according to individual requirements
  • Keyword search via IBM Notes
  • Improved information flows