Better communication with CTI.

Benefit from all the advantages of computer-aided telephony in your familiar IBM Notes environment. The connection between a computer and a telephone (CTI or computer telephony integration) offers the convenience of both systems through combined business applications. A customer database or a CRM can be opened directly via the CTI application. For example, a contact is selected on the PC and a call is started, while all the stored customer information appears on the screen. For incoming calls, stanoc Notifier evaluates the transmitted phone numbers and compares them with your address books. Customer data is displayed at the click of a mouse – for genuine service quality and quality customer care. Notes of discussions and the most recent calls are also displayed, so any employee can refer to previous information. Technically the software can be easily and quickly integrated into your existing structure. If a TAPI application has already been installed, the software can be easily activated. If the telephone system offers TAPI functionality, our TAPI application is used on your client and serves as the interface between the telecommunications system and stanoc Notifier.